The Beverly Hills Doctors pride themselves on consistently surpassing patient expectations, ensuring not only an optimal surgical outcome – but also a pleasant and comfortable overall experience.

Please take a moment to review testimonials from actual patients who have received compassionate, cutting-edge care from our team of specialists.

Thank you Dr. Larian and Dr. Azizzadeh.

As a 68 year-old, and a practicing healthcare provider of 42 years, I have been in a lot of medical offices and surgicenters. You, your office staff, office facilities and surgicenter exceeding all our expectations. You were both very professional as was your staff. You both expressed experience, and a caring attitude. You worked together very well. All communications and explanations were thorough.

To those reading this review, my condition was a benign tumor on or adjacent to the parotid gland. With previous MRIs and needle biopsies, I was told on multiple occasions that side effects of loss of muscle control as Bell’s Palsy, Fry’s Syndrome, loss of parotid salivary function, dry mouth and disfiguration were probable outcomes and this surgery should not be done unless the tumor were much larger or malignant. My logic was why wait until it gets larger.

Your website and technological approach is on the leading edge and your follow up rounded it out with personal attention. (This is hard to do this medical climate with government intervention separating doctors from patients with regulations on healthcare, insurances and businesses.)

My surgery was yesterday and my first post-op visit was this morning. I know I have a lot of healing remaining. But, I am very pleased because I had 3 ENT physicians in Orange County, Riverside County and Chicago as well as a Plastic Surgeon in Chicago tell me this procedure was too dangerous and would likely leave me with Bells Palsy and I know at this stage that I am not left with any serious problems. I am confident that any defects and scars will be hardly noticeable. All my function seems quite normal. I am sure the parasthesia around the ear will return to normal. Side effects from the anesthesia were predictable, explained and minimal. Your phone call follow ups gave me plenty of opportunity to get answers to any questions we had.

Thank you both and your staff members.

Dr. L

Dear Dr. Larian,

I will be forever grateful for the initiative my daughter Anne-Marie took to research other techniques of performing a parotidectomy other than the traditional method offered to me in Quebec,Canada because this is what led me to you and Dr. Azizzadeh. I consider myself very fortunate to have undergone this innovative surgical procedure under the care of two wonderful, friendly, compassionate, caring, competent, and professional surgeons. After 52 years as a nurse, I was deeply moved by the quality of care you and your team provided. Your accessibility brought me reassurance and comfort.

I was deeply impressed when, a week before my surgery, while I was still working in Quebec’s Northern Territory, you called me on your cellular phone to see how I was doing and if I had any questions. At that moment, I knew I had made the right decision to have my surgery in Los Angeles because I felt you truly cared. From our very first appointment, each time we met, I felt I was seeing not only my doctor, but a good friend.

It has been exactly two weeks since my surgery and I feel great. I will be returning to Quebec in a few days with my heart filled with profound gratitude to you, Dr. Azizzadeh, Shelly, and your entire staff.

My warmest regards to all your staff and your family,

Louise “with a smile” 07/2014

I have been going to Dr Firouz for the last year and he is not only an incredible surgeon he is has an artistry to his work. Not only does he have a fantastic staff that is incredibly friendly. He takes time and makes very detailed notes each visit so you don’t feel like ” just a number”

He is also more interested in helping you look like your ” BEST YOU ” not  like a cookie cutter image of ” beauty ”. He is interested in helping you feel and look YOUR BEST!! That is priceless!!

Appointments are very easy to make and quality and service is TOP NOTCH!

Judy W. (As seen on Yelp)

Words cannot express how fortunate I was to have Dr. Firouz as my surgeon. He is well educated, fully certified and has an artistic eye. Even more impressive is his kindness and compassion. He went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable during the entire process and called me at home the following day to check on me – an extra touch that is rare and very much appreciated. The process was fabulous from start to finish, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I cannot recommend Dr. Firouz enough!


Caroline H. (As seen on Yelp)

Are you reading these reviews because you are considering a breast augmentation procedure? Then do it, and do it with Dr. Firouz. It is a life-changing decision for good, trust me. I always wished I had these beautiful breasts but was always scared of surgery. I am now 34, recently divorced and visited Dr. Firouz for a consultation and… I will always be thankful for that. I am from Europe and fairly new to L.A. but as soon as I met Dr. Firouz, I knew I was in good hands and decided that if I had this procedure done, he would be my surgeon. He pointed me to the right procedure and to the right size of cup. I am sooo glad I listened and followed his advice. I am so comfortable with my body now, my self-esteem has improved x 1000. You will never regret having a breast augmentation and Dr. Firouz is simply the best. He is a caring and sweet person plus a very well prepared professional. His team is great. The operating room is perfect. The follow up is easy, etc. If he has so many good reviews in yelp is because he deserves it. We are all so happy to have him as a doctor/ surgeon that we all desire to spread the word naturally. Do not look any further. Just go for it and you won’t be disappointed. Good luck! All the best.

Esther G. (As seen on Yelp)

I had a parotidectomy with Dr Babak Larian and Dr Babak Azizzadeh. I searched for a long time for a professional doctor ( had more than 5 opinions about my condition ) with the expertise required for this type of surgery since the facial nerve damage was always a risk.After a long time of waiting and prayer I found Dr Azizzadeh and Dr Babak Larian.During my first consultation visit I had the peace and confident that I was in the right hands. I found them very professional, caring, and experts in what they do.They do not only care for the procedure itself but care about the quality of life of the patient after the surgery from scheduling through the follow up. They do not only prioritize healing but aesthetics as well.

I did not have any bruising or nerve weakness, my face looks as if I had not had surgery at all considering that a large mass was removed!

The staff is very courteous and professional. Not questions were left unanswered considering that I am the type of patient that ask many questions and search deeply before I get any medical treatment.

They both exceeded my expectations, I would highly recommend Dr Azizzadeh and Dr Larian to anyone suffering any head and neck conditions or in need of facial surgery and reconstructive surgery. They are gifted doctors. I thank God for these doctors.

Martha C.

“I have seen him for only the most minor of issues, quite below his talents and expertise, and have nonetheless found him to be thoroughly attentive and helpful. He must have the best bedside manner in town, and one of the most beautifully designed offices as well.”

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Larian; I am so grateful to have found him. He is amazing at what he does and is so incredibly kind. He makes you feel at ease and REALLY cares about you. He performed surgery along with Dr. Azzizadeh on my jaw and you cannot even tell! There are no visible scars! I have recommended him to my family members as he is the best. I have never left a review on YELP but I felt compelled to because he is so wonderful. Everyone who works there is fantastic and they go above and beyond to help you. I can’t express enough how highly I recommend Dr. Larian!”

“After going to several doctors, Dr. Larian was the most reassuring and professional doctor. He had such a very genuine and comforting way about him. He did a great job informing me about my condition. What a great personality for a doctor. I also appreciated the friendly welcome when I came into the office. Very clean and beautiful environment. I highly recommend Dr. Larian.”

“I am very satisfied with Dr.Larian and his staff I honestly can’t think of anything that would need to change or improve since everything is already top notch!”

“I believe the service that Dr. Larian and staff provide is one of a kind. Dr. Larian makes you feel that you’re the most important one there.”

“I decided to postpone after consulting my husband/sleeping partner, other family members, and my Internist, who all agreed that my condition was still mild, would probably worsen with age, at which point I would definitely want to select Dr.Larian to be my surgeon”

“Dr.Larian is not your average Dr. He makes you feel like you’re the only patient there.”

“Dr.Larian is an amazing soul!”

“Best Doctor I’ve had! I’m so glad I met him!”

“Dr. Larian is a true friend and professional physician.”

“Wonderful doctor, felt extremely comfortable.”

“Dr. Larian was kind, knowledgeable and professional.”

“Very wise and helpful doctor!”

“I have seen a lot of doctors over the years, this experience was exceptional. I followed Dr. Larian’s advice and I am already feeling better.”

“Amazing. Dr. Larian made me feel very comfortable about the surgery.”

“He is one of the most knowledgeable and professional physicians that I’ve met.”

“Dr. Larian was very welcoming, professional and allayed my concerns.”

“Dr. Larian is a very caring knowledgeable Dr. and is very kind and takes time to explain everything listen and friendly.”

“Dr. was amazing, friendly and knowledgeable.”

“I am very impressed that Dr. Larian has called me when I called and had pain and concerns and is very dedicated to his patients.”

“The office and experience is top notch – no suggestions required in my opinion.”

“Dr. Larian’s staff were very helpful and kind. He was wonderful, very professional, good listener and thoughtful in his explanation of situation. I have appreciated his help and interest immensely.”

“Was one of the best doctor I have had from cedars, I loved his personality, and hands on, made me feel very comfortable.”

“He’s amazing, answered all my questions with such confidence and immediacy.”

“He was very knowledgeable and gave me great explanations.”

“I cannot thank Dr. Larian enough for the excellent expert surgery and medical care I received from him. We are all very fortunate to have Dr. Larian to take care of us.”

“Dr. Larian has a excellent way of explaining problem.”

Dr Larian,

You will always be in my prayers. Thank you for not giving up on me when others said there was nothing that could be done. You are totally awesome and I thank God for you.

Lara “A miracle” 3/04

Dear Dr Larian,

Angie and all the kind assistants at the desk: Thank you so much for your extraordinary care in my health & well-being. Nothing is more important than my voice. I was very nervous about finding a good doctor in LA to help me with my allergies and related issues concerning my voice. However, you & your staff have done more for me than any other medical staff I have encountered. What a relief you all have been. All of you are great to work with. I am feeling much better in so many ways, and much of it is owed to all of you. Thank you! If every doctor’s office were like this, the world would be a much healthier place.

Sincerely, Gavin L

Dr Larian,

As I approach the anniversary of my surgery, I find myself counting my blessings. Please know that meeting you rank very high on my list of blessings. Thanks so much for your excellent service & care.

Sincerely, Douglas

Dr Larian & staff,

Thank you for showing how doctors should be. You took care of the most valuable thing in our lives, our daughter.

Thank you~much love Dee, Terry & Lenny

There is no gift more precious than one’s health. Happiness must rest upon that ground, alight with pain, no pleasure can be found. No joy in love or beauty, words or wealth. Know that I am grateful for your skill, your sensitivity and dedication. Out of strength, my mother dreaded all sensation until your healing touch restored her will.

Dear Dr Larian, I do not know how to thank you for helping my mom so quickly. I wish you endless happiness. May the stars be yours for the taking.

Warmly, Hayli 03/04

Dear Dr Larian,

I just wanted to thank you for your generosity with your time. You helped me feel confident with my fathers care & it means so much to me. It is obvious that you love your work and are at the top of your field. My dad is in his 2nd week of treatment and doing great.

Thank you so much for all your help, Sincerely, Nicole

Dr Larian,

When we came to your office last week both my wife & I were very upset & nervous. When you met with us, you immediately put us at ease by taking the time to explain everything to us in detail. You were very aware of our feelings & showed us such patience, warmth & understanding. When we left your office the relief we felt was enormous as we knew we had a wonderful & caring doctor taking care of us. Thank you, doctor, for all you have to offer, you are a wonderful gift to your patients.

Fondly, Mark & Shirley

Dear Dr Larian,

I want to thank you for all your kindness. You have really gone out of your way to help me & I can not express enough how grateful I am. You are truly special.

All the best, Sabrina

Dear Dr Larian,

You saved my life! I am eternally grateful to you. Your warmth and friendliness to me & my wife are exemplary. Each visit is like seeing a good friend.

Richard & Sunny

Dear Dr Larian,

I want to express my deepest appreciation for your kindness, genuine caring and of course your expertise when you performed my recent surgery. As one who has limited experience with the medical profession, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt totally “held” by you & your team and could relax, knowing you were indeed, the best and would ensure an optimal outcome. All I can say is I will sing your praises for a long time. I feel blessed to have found you, deep gratitude for your skill, and graced to be the recipient of such compassionate care.

Please give my best to Shaye & Dr Azizzadeh too. He will be seeing me in a few years or two~J

Much love, Diane 07/08

I’m home in Hawaii after having minimally-invasive parathyroid surgery with Dr. Babak Larian. What a positive experience. Dr. Larian is a true healer – an elegant surgeon, warm and caring person, simply the best. I was treated like an old friend, from the extraordinary care of the staff beforehand (Shelly! Evelina!) to the staff at the Center and at La Peer. Not to mention being able to watch Chaplin films in the waiting room! I cannot praise you all enough…a hearty Mahalo!

Ann 05/2012